Daily Links Mar 18

Labour’s policy courage is rewarded in Batman, now let’s see them deliver on the Adani stoppage. Re franking credits and dividend imputation, I received a tweet which described the government largesse enjoyed by some retirees as being like going to a servo, not buying any petrol but handing over a fistful of discount fuel vouchers and expecting to be paid cash to their combined value. Well done on that policy, Labour.

Daily Links Mar 17

Coal power won’t make a comeback, despite the coal ition being ‘beholden to a powerful fossil fuel lobby and ham-strung by a number of die-hard coal fans’ among their number.

Daily Links Mar 16

Climate wars have cost us the chance to lead, says John Hewson and most of us. Sadly, the troglodytes of the LNP have kept prosecuting the climate wars. Leadership? No. Followership? No, despite polls asking for action. Then try sponsorship, and the power of donors.

Daily Links Mar 15

To stop building houses exactly where ‘bushfires’ start would imply someone telling a builder where they can build. Either we plan or we don’t, that’s the choice. If we don’t plan, we choose risk, it’s as simple as that. ‘But the nanny state’ would be the cry. Then pass me my nanny garb please.

Daily Links Mar 14

‘Every scientist has to find their own place in the spectrum of science and activism’. We could say the same of every citizen who knows stuff that isn’t right.

Daily Links Mar 13

Bill Shorten’s views on Adani could do with more policy and less politics. He might even notice that good policy, dumping this excrescence, is also good politics if he looks at the views of the electorate as shown in polling.

Daily Links Mar 12

Japan has more EV charging points than ‘gas’ stations – the future is there, not here sadly but it will come. Charge stations with big solar arrays and battery swaps or fast chargers are the future. I wonder if Beyond Petroleum (BP’s tag line) is on board?