Daily Links Mar 11

Sydney’s (and Melbourne’s) share bike schemes are sinister. Here we were thinking that this scheme was an environmental good, when in fact it is not a fossil-fuelless(?)transport scheme but a data mining scheme and the bikes dumped in our creeks and parklands are just a business cost.

Daily Links Mar 10

Top Post Locked in a forest Argonne researchers have found that in the next 100 years, already existing reforestation in the country could help topsoil absorb an additional 2 billion …

Daily Links Mar 9

Now we’re talking. The 21 kids whose lawsuit against the Trump administration for their climate change failures is still alive go with our sincere best wishes.

Daily Links Mar 8

When we’re producing more power than we consume, which is only at peak generating time though, battery storage and electric vehicles come into their own. The fossil fool industry is right to be concerned and that should drive innovation in their business models. Utility-supplied batteries on a novel leasing regime, anyone? Or perhaps a vehicle-leasing program with the utility paying you to store their excess energy?

Daily Links Mar 7

The ‘Five quick fixes for Turnbull and Frydenberg to change energy debate’ are hardly radical ideas, but does anything in the secret Coalition agreement prevent them from implementation? How would we know when the agreement remains secret?

Daily Links Mar 6

Everyone, not just philanthropists, should be urging a redraft of the foreign donations bill. Email your MP now and tell them what you think.

Daily Links Mar 4

With Hodgman returned, we might find out how much a national park or wilderness track is worth to the private sector.

Daily Links Mar 3

I posted last year an article saying that Google was no longer bypassing paywalls. This has now happened with News Ltd papers so that it is almost impossible (I think …